It's been a minute! I took some time off - kinda over the holidays and can I just say  - I am PUMPED for 2018. Big time. If the rest of the year is anything like the first two weeks of January, count me in!

Things I have been working on lately; some cute little packages for my brides and seniors in 2018. If you are one of them - get excited and since Christmas leather orders are wrapped up (phew) my new AN Leather 2018 jewelry line! WOOT! Always have custom leather orders scattered in the mix and as always, I appreciate your patience with me and your orders. I really do take my time and I don't for myself to work on something when I am not feeling creative. That never ends well.

Let's talk rodeo queens. As you may know, or you should, AN Leather's brand rep is Miss rodeo Fall County, the beautiful Rachael Ostrem.  You may have seen her plastered all over Wrangler social media channel lately.... HELLO!  

ANYway, last weekend I had the privilege of accessorizing 11 rodeo queens from around the state of Iowa at the Miss Rodeo Iowa coronation celebration. (Hence things I thought I would never do.) Some of the sweetest, most talented young ladies I have ever met! And man, their style. These girls were FASHIONABLE. It was actually a little surreal to see all my leather goods modeled like that. I mean I MADE that stuff.  All that started as visions in my head and I'm so glad I could make them into tangible things and that other people love them. I loved every second.

Be sure to follow along with Miss Rodeo Iowa, Jenna Kool, this year! She will do awesome things!

I hope your along with this ride in 2018 with me. This spring will be full of pop-up shops, fairs, and fun collaborations. Summer, photography will hit full swing and I'm so excited to implement new ideas and locations for ya all.  As always, I am trying to think OUT of the box for sessions and make them uniquely you. If you are thinking about a 2018 session, message me! I want to ensure you get the date and season you like. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and loving my work. You're keepin this dream of mine alive!

Here's some photos of Miss Rodeo Iowa's event. 

IMG_7264 3.JPG